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Jemison Park


This public park completes the residential/commercial redevelopment of an abandoned block in Birmingham’s Central Business District. The design team conceived the park as a gathering space for the new residents, a respite, and a bridge to further community.


At about 80 by 100 feet, the park anchors the southeast corner of the block. Taking inspiration from Zion and Breen’s small urban parks, the garden includes walls, a textural floor, a conceptual ceiling, and water. The north and west walls of the park are the existing brick building walls. Bosque Elm trees, planted tightly, define the east and south walls of the space and reinforce the street corner. The park is raised 18 inches from the sidewalk, accessible by wide, smooth-formed concrete steps and a ramp at the east side. The south side offers a seat-height wall of smooth-formed concrete. Interior walls of smooth-formed concrete and dense hedges further define, layer and compartmentalize the park into public space, semi-private space for commercial tenants, and a utility zone.


Honor Citation/AIA
Honor Award I/AIA
Honor Award II/AIA
Member Choice Award/AIA
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