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A coalition has been formed for Design, Manufacture and Construction of low cost, high quality living environments.  For brevity, this coalition is referred to as DMC.


Each DMC project is constructed in a controlled, fully-enclosed factory environment.  This means no rain delays in the assembly process.  The assembly plant is flanked on both sides by warehouses that feed construction materials into the plant at the exact time and to the exact location they are needed for assembly.


The DMC process offers significant advantages compared with standard “stick built” construction: quality components, quality assembly, superior insulation and higher efficiency.


The DMC modular construction process is designed and created to enhance the budgets, schedules, and quality of built products.  With skilled mass-production in a controlled environment, DMC delivers a higher quality building faster and more cost-effectively than traditional construction methods.  Time saved is money saved.  This savings affords higher grade materials, producing sturdier and better-performing buildings which, in turn, offer further savings in lifecycle costs for years to come.



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