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Jefferson County Courthouse, Birmingham


Multi faceted eight year phased project to renovate a 450,000 SF unique 1929 vintage courthouse and to add 50,000 SF, while remaining occupied.


Services began with documenting the entire 450,000 SF complex and interviewing 23 departments to determine future requirements for use in programming space needs.  A 3 story, 50,000 SF vertical addition was planned over the adjacent Annex, which remained fully occupied.

The entire complex was reorganized to separate courtroom use from office functions.  The work was performed from the top floor down, temporarily relocating departments to perform work and then reoccupying before moving to lower floors.


The type of work required included rebuilding the central plant and air distribution system, replacing all plumbing and mechanical piping and wiring, installing a communications premise distribution system, and upgrading security features.


Restoration of interior finishes required matching new to existing wood, limestone, marble, terrazzo and plaster with the intent of respecting the unique character of the building and making the transition from new to old seamless.


Merit Award/AIA
Preservation Award/Birmingham Historical Society
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