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Dawson Chapel


The chapel was designed to house a diverse program including everything from contemporary music to Spanish worship to weddings and funerals. It was necessary that the space be functionally and acoustically flexible, and freshly inspired while respectful of the existing campus.


The chapel was designed as a modern, transparent addition to the church’s Administrative Building, constructed three decades earlier. To help the addition visually anchor to and blend with its earlier counterpart, the chapel’s interior wall of natural stucco extends outward, wrapping the existing brick building below the line of the chapel’s eave.


Emerging from the east side of the existing building, the glass chapel space is bathed in natural daylight and transparent to its outdoor adjacencies. A dramatically extended roofline on all three sides limits glare within, and a sandstone garden wall and hedge row define an intimate outdoor courtyard while screening views of parking. At night, the chapel glows as a lantern and landmark for the north side of the campus.

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