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Birmingham Intermodal



Ushering in new era of public transportation into the center of Birmingham, the new Intermodal Facility is envisioned as being a catalyst for continued growth and development for the area.  Located on three blocks adjacent to the raised rail-bed main artery, the Intermodal Facility accommodates multi-modes of transportation, including Amtrak passenger trains, Greyhound intercity bus, BJCTA local bus system, taxis, shuttles, automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians. While each of the three blocks contains unique services for the Intermodal Facility, use of a common durable, neutral material palate pulls the unique buildings together into a strongly delineated complex.

The Intermodal Terminal Building, housing Amtrak, Greyhound, and office space, is on the first block.  As the portal through which Birmingham citizens and visitors alike enter and leave the City, this facility projects a progressive, upbeat, modern stance, with a focus of providing a positive alpha and omega experience for the rider. The building contains approximately 45,000 sf of enclosed space and 45,000 sf of sheltering canopy. The second block is the hub for BJCTA, the local bus system, and the third provides supporting vehicular parking.


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