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Chris Giattina (President of GA studio and now BLOX) led the design of training facilities for Honda in Alabama and
Kia in Georgia in the mid-2000s. Through these projects, Chris had the opportunity to carefully study manufacturing processes. In line with GA Studio’s work ethic, he realized he could apply these methods to solve inefficiencies in the architecture and building industry. Integrating manufacturing into design was crucial to meet 21st problems within the design industry.

The road was bumpy at first. Like any great start-up, it began with Chris and a friend in a garage. At first, they tried to partner with other companies, knowing that their ideas would one day change the whole industry. Finally, in 2010, Chris and his fellow architects decided they had the unique expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge to create the company on their own, .The company would do it all. It would be its own contractor, design its own buildings, manufacture the parts, and construct the outcome. That company is BLOX.

Chris focused BLOX’s energy around the complex healthcare construction industry, where he knew improvement was direly needed to meet the country’s healthcare needs. BLOX started making medical modules, such as bathrooms, and patient, exam, and trauma rooms. The modules became components within hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These first modules showed the early successes and immense potential of DMC. (Design Manufacture Construct)

Since that first module, BLOX has continued to grow rapidly. In 2016, it outgrew its offices and moved into a manufacturing site in Bessemer. Its new site happens to be the former Pullman Standard Railcar Plant, returning hundreds of manufacturing jobs that were lost when the plant closed in the mid-1960s. The plant now hums with the assembly of modern medical technology. No longer just focusing on modules, BLOX is now contrasting entire hospitals and emergency medical centers on their manufacturing line. Its product is shipped across the fifty states. GA Studio’s design expertise, Chris’s understanding of manufacturing, and a history of creating solutions to elegant problems allowed BLOX to create solutions to health care construction that was faster, better, and more sustainable than other products in the industry.









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